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Account operations manager

Blinkk is a small team of developers, producers, and a freelance designer. We build highly interactive marketing websites – and we’re looking to add an account operations manager to our team.

This is a part-time position, with potential to become full-time depending on how the needs of the business grow over time.

Interested? Send an email to with:


Great ideas result in great work. We are taking five years of scrappiness and slowly (but surely) streamlining our process with improvements. Each project yields new ideas that we apply more broadly, bringing more harmony to our work.


We come to the virtual office every day to support each other, make the day brighter for our clients, and to bring great experiences to our end users. Ultimately, we want to bring great people together to have fun and build interesting things.


We take pride in launching sites fast, on time, and with just the right amount of flourish. We combine the individual strengths of our people and lean on our in-house technology to launch, again and again.

What you’ll do

Core technologies

These are the technologies that we currently use for project and account management at Blinkk. You’ll be able to review our usage of them and propose enhancements as needed.